Shim-pack Velox

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Shim-pack Velox LC Columns

Designed to maximize performance of LC systems, Shimadzu's Shim-pack Velox columns with core shell technology enable you to achieve increased separations and faster analysis times on any LC platform. Whether developing a high efficiency LC separation method, transferring an existing method for increased throughput while maintaining resolution, or are trying to improve the resolution of a complex separation, Shim-pack Velox columns will satisfy your needs.

Column ruggedness is critical to any LC analysis and Shim-pack Velox core-shell columns deliver excellent column lifetime for even the most challenging sample matrices.

Shim-pack Velox column will deliver:

  • increased resolution with maximum efficiency → improving separation and detection
  • faster separation without sacrificing performance → maximizing laboratory productivity and reducing cost of analysis
  • increased sample throughput → reducing overall analysis time
  • superior ruggedness → reducing cost of analysis
  • excellent reproducibility → maintaining analysis and data integrity