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Shim-C18-PAH is a column specially designed for the challenging PAH analysis. Shim-C18-PAH delivers perfect resolution and fast analysis for all used PAHs.

GC Accessories

This brochure introduces various accessories and supplies
that support Shimadzu GC instruments.
GC Column Guidbook
The whole original Shimadzu GC Column overview
Vials & Caps
Quality vials and caps for the perfect interaction of Shimadzu instruments and accessories

HPLC Column Guidebook

Overview of all Shimadzu Shim-pack HPLC Columns
Solvent Caps
Shimadzu Solvent Caps, together with the connectors and the air valve, are the optimum solution for the removal of solvents. They create a closed system to prevent hazardous vapours from entering the labaratory.
Trouble Shooting Guide

Liquid Chromatography

Instrument downtime is often costly and time consuming, but frequently the problems can be resolved quickly with some troubleshooting knowledge.


AOC-6000 plus Accessories

Smart SPME Fibers and Arrows Selection Guide